Monogrammed Baby Alpaca Wool Scarf in red

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Red stands for love and passion!

A luxurious baby alpaca scarf in purple to keep you warm this winter and winters to come.

The fibre of royalty for yourself or loved ones. This scarf can be  personalised with hand embroidered initials.

It comes in its own silk pouch with lavender for a natural protection from moths.

This twill weave scarf is aprox. 72cm X 187cm excluding the fringes.

Alpacas are indigenous to the Peruvian Andes. Their wool, though light, is seven times warmer than sheep wool. It does not retain water and can resist solar radiation. Does not contain fat. oil or lanolin. It is refined and gentle to skin allergies. (source

A unique scarf, made under the Peruvian fair trade regulations with respect to the environment the workers and the alpacas.

  If you have any questions, please email