'Kerkini's Gaia' Organic & Vegan Cannabis Fusili

Kerkini's Gaia

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These organic & vegan fusilli are packed with superfood goodness and are made with 97.3% durum wheat flour and 2.7% cannabis (hemp) protein.

Cannabis or hemp protein is made from hemp seeds that are ground to a fine powder. Studies in the USA have found that it is a vegan alternative to egg whites but also soya, which is an allergen, both of which are great sources of protein.

Cannabis protein is a complete protein  as it contains all essential amino acids that the body is unable to create for itself, therefore it must consume through food.


Cooking time: 10'-13' minutes without salt.

Typical values per 100g:

Energy: 310kcal/1297kJ

Fat: 1.3g

of which saturates: 0.2g

Carbohydrates: 65.5g

of which sugar: 0.7g

Fibre: 4.9g

Protein: 12.9g

Salt: 0.32g

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