Corphes Organic Blackberry Jam

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This blackberry jam is handmade in the microclimate of the Greek mountains of Chasia and Kamvounia. Not only does the sweetness of the grape juice taste fantastic, it is 100% free from sugar, preservatives, coloring agents and glucose: a perfect healthy alternative for your breakfast or even to be used as a sauce for homemade desserts. Harvested by hand at dawn, the famers ensure that the berries are processed within a few hours to ensure that the jam retains all the intensity of the fruit – you are in for a treat!

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Ingredients: Greek Blackberries*(70%), Grape juice* ,Lemon juice Produced from 70gof fruit per 100g *Product of organic farming Nutritional Declaration per 100g Energy 1252 Kj /295 KCal Fat 0.3g of which saturated 0g Carbohydrates 58,9g of which Sugars 44.2g Protein 1.3g Fiber 14.7g Salt 0g Refrigerate after opening and consume within 4 months