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The Environmental Law Foundation (ELF) is a 26 year old grassroots legal charity that assists communities and individuals to access free legal and technical support relating to environmental matters.  We believe that everyone has the right to participate in decisions that affect their environment.  Access to justice is a cornerstone of a thriving democracy and where it is not available to communities this has a detrimental effect on the democratic fabric of a society.  In the United Kingdom there has consistently been a gap between the right of people to have access to environmental justice, and their ability to exercise this right. It is in this regard that ELF offers a service to facilitate and enable these groups to gain free legal and technical advice on environmental matters, and where relevant and appropriate further support if a case is taken to court. Through giving communities the tools they need to be able to participate effectively in environmental decision making that affects them and their local environment, the overall process is enhanced. Read more about it at: