Neri lover's pendant

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We refuse to use spoons for eating only!

Upcycling an old silver spoon to create a pendant where two lovers are hiding under an umbrella while the sky is raining hearts? You can wear this story around your neck within the next couple of days...

Neri is an artist-designer that finds beauty even in the most mundane and uninteresting objects. This unique and beautifull pendant is hand carved and worked and is trully exceptional.

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- Spoon shaped - Length: 9 cm / 3' 5'' aprox. - Width at widest point: 5 cm / 2' aprox. - Aprox. depth 1.5 cm / 0.5' aprox. -Lead-free chain 76 cm / 30' aprox. - Made of silver and lead-free metal -Made in Greece.